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Long Term Conditions and Annual Health Reviews

The team here at Trinity Medical Centre are dedicated to supporting patients with long term conditions in getting the best outcomes and guidance that we can and to do this we need to ensure that there is an organised process for reviewing patients on an annual basis.

We operate an invite system based on patient’s month of birth, and will typically send an invite two months before your birthday. However, if you have any concerns about your condition please contact us on 01273 736030 or submit an online consultation via our homepage.

We are required to send you two invites every twelve months. This can be by letter, telephone or SMS. If you are certain that you do not want your condition reviewed this year (contrary to our recommendation) please call us to advise that you wish to opt out.

Please be aware that our invite system resets each year on the 1st of April, so if you have opted out prior to this you will need to do so again each year.

Patients with any of the following conditions will be invited annually for a health review. Some conditions can be managed remotely over the telephone, and some will require a face to face appointment. The health reviews are conducted by our Nursing and Pharmacy Teams.

Patients can have more than one long term condition. We are aiming for all conditions to be reviewed within one annual review process; however, this may mean that you need to attend more than one appointment, particularly if you need blood tests. Please click on each condition for more information.  

Asthma    Atrialfibrillation    Chronickidneydisease    Chronicobstructivepulmonarydisease(copd)

Coronaryheartdisease    Diabetes    Heartfailure    Hypertension

Learningdisabilities    Mentalhealth    Nondiabetichyperglycaemia    Peripheralarterialdisease