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Clinical Pharmacists

Clinical Pharmacists

Specialist advisor for patients on multiple and long-term medications, ensuring patient safety.

Bishoy Gad

Bishoy is a Clinical Pharmacist working across two different GP surgeries within the Goldstone primary care network. He is constantly upskilling his clinical knowledge and has a special interest in pain management and medicines optimisation. Bishoy’s hobbies include drawing portraits and spending time with family and friends, outside of work.

Monika Sokolowska

Monika is a clinical pharmacist who graduated from the University of Brighton, School of Pharmacy in 2015. She became a member of Trinity Medical Centre’s team in 2021, bringing with her a wealth of experience from her roles in both hospital and community sectors. She has interest in enhancing cardiovascular health and is dedicated to the promotion of general medication safety. She remains dedicated to continuous self-improvement, constantly seeking upskilling opportunities to enhance patient care.

Amy Walker

Sheetal Patel

Sheetal is part of our Clinical Pharmacy team shared with Goldstone Primary Care Network. She is now qualified to do Hypertension reviews for invited patients and has a special interest in Diabetes and medicines optimisation. Sheetal has a holistic approach to patients needs and problems.


What is a clinical Pharmacist


Pharmacy Technicians

Trained to support the practice clinical pharmacy team and other staff to ensure safe, effective prescribing and medicines optimisation.

Carla Fyfe

Carla is a qualified pharmacy technician possessing over 14 years of comprehensive experience in community pharmacy, a tenure that has greatly benefited our practice since her commencement in 2020. Her contribution is characterized by deep practical knowledge and unwavering commitment to a patient-oriented service ethos, complemented by exceptional communication abilities. She plays a pivotal role in the management of medication and provides oversight to the prescription processing team.