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Training Practice

At Trinity Medical Centre we are involved in training our future doctors, and especially GPs. We believe this brings to the practice a healthy learning environment, in which our trainees and also all the GPs ensure they are up to date, well informed and able to give the best medical care to our patients. Training practices tend to retain high levels of patient satisfaction, while creating organisations in which the resident GPs have been shown to improve their own knowledge and skills. Of course patient safety is paramount at all times, and our trainees are supervised closely and undergo regular assessments, both internally at the practice (reviewing video consultations with patient consent, real case-based discussions, direct observation of procedural skills), and at their local weekly teaching programme.

Dr Mackinnon has completed a PGCE in ‘Strategic Leadership & Medical Education’, and has been fully accredited as a GP trainer. She is currently the sole, approved trainer in the practice, but all the doctors, nurses and staff are involved in training.

We support the new Brighton Medical School, and host medical students through their five years of training. We also host foundation year 2 doctors (formerly known as SHO’s or junior doctors), and GP speciality trainees (also known as registrars).

Foundation programme year 2 (FY2) doctors

Junior doctor training has changed radically in recent years, with a view to improving the quality of professional education. Following completion of a minimum of five years undergraduate training at medical school, doctors enter the two year programme, split into FY1 which is mostly hospital based and FY2. The purpose is to provide a far broader range of experience than the previous pre-registration year. Over the two years there are six four-month posts, which can include general medicine, surgery, paediatrics, anaesthetics, psychiatry and obstetrics. During the 2nd year, FY2 doctors can elect to undertake one four-month post in general practice. FY2 doctors are fully qualified and GMC registered. They can see patients independently but they are under the supervision of dedicated GP partners.

The foundation programme exposes all doctors of the future to general practice. It is a unique opportunity to show what work we do, how much we do and what primary care has to offer patients and the workforce. Having FY2 doctors in the practice acts as a stimulus for the whole practice in terms of developing skills, and learning together. It is fun and stimulating, and helps keep the whole practice team up to date.

GP speciality trainees (registrars/ ST1, ST2, ST3)

The practice (in its former guise as Sackville Medical Centre) has been assessed for its suitability for postgraduate training (November 2014) and has been hosting GP registrars from spring 2015. Speciality trainees are our most experienced trainees, they are doctors who have spent a few years as  Foundation Doctors in several different areas of hospital medicine, and have decided to go in to General Practice as their speciality area and future career. During this time, they will spend a further 3 years rotating between different hospital specialities and general practice.They will come to us either as a 4 month post during their first (ST1) or second (ST2) attachments, or for their final year of speciality training (ST3). In their final year they will be completing their MRCGP examination to gain accreditation to practice independently as a GP.

Medical Students

All of us at Trinity Medical Centre are delighted to be engaged in medical education, and hope that as patients of the practice you will realise the benefits. We appreciate your enabling of the learning process also.

Video consultations

There may be times when the training doctor will be videoing consultations for their learning. This is a powerful tool in developing effective communication skills when viewed by their trainer alongside the Training doctor and remains completely confidential. We will always ask you to sign your permission beforehand and then again after the consultation. You will be given the choice to decline this offer, and your decision will be fully respected and will in no way affect the care you are given.

For a list of our current trainees please look under the “our staff” tab and click on “current trainees”.