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Telephone: 01273 736030

Don’t forget to avoid long wait times on the phone, you can click on the E-consult tab below, you will receive a response before the end of the next working day.  Feedback: “I think the e-consult process has massively helped efficiency and am I a fan.” – Anonymous  “I used your E consult service, I think this is absolutely fantastic. To be able to report my details, have a lovely caring Dr like Dr Howard call me, then send the prescription to my chemist blew my mind. Please continue with this post Covid as it has to be the way forward. For the majority of the community its quick, easy to follow and efficient.” – Anonymous

Telephone Interpreting Services

Language Line

With Languageline you do not need to book an interpreter in advance. When you book an appointment please inform us if an interpreter is required and we will ask for the language and country  (eg. Syrian Arabic). When the Clinician is due to call you, they will call Languageline who will call you and will set up a 3 way call.

Sussex Interpreting

This is a pre-booked service. When an appointment is being booked for you if it flags up on your notes that an interpreter is required, we will confirm with yourself and this will be booked for the appointment or you can book yourself and let us know.  Please inform us of language and region (eg. Syrian Arabic).

Google Translate

On every page of the website there is an orange button with Translate located at the bottom right of each page that you can click on and select the language you would like it to be.