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Referral Enquiries

Help and support for patients waiting for a hospital appointment or operation:

The My Planned Care website supports people waiting for a hospital appointment, operation or treatment, and gives you advice and support while you wait. This includes access to average waiting times at the hospital and other useful advice and local services.

Patients can check the website of their allocated hospital for any information you may need before contacting the hospital or GP practice. Carers, friends, relatives and NHS teams can also see this information and, if needed, help guide people through the detail. The site is easy-to-use and updated weekly with other advice and information on how to manage pain, keeping healthy, looking after your mental health, accessing financial help and other local support services. The site can also help people to prepare for their appointment or operation, including practical suggestions about how to manage symptoms and help prevent these from getting worse.

Referral Enquiries

BSUH Booking Hub for all referrals to RSCH/PRH 0300 303 8360

MSK partnership  for Orthopaedics/Rheumatology/Physiotherapy 0300 303 8063

Podiatry (SCFT foot health) service for nail issues/ corns or calluses/ gout/simple toe deformities 01273 242184

Brighton and Hove Wellbeing Service 0300 002 0060

If you have any problems please ask to speak to the Medical Secretary.

Letter/Correspondence Enquiries

Please ask to speak to the Medical Secretary.


My Planned Care

My Planned Care gives you advice and support while you wait and helps you to prepare for your hospital consultation, treatment, or surgery. This includes giving you information about waiting times at your hospital and other supporting and local services while you wait.

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