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Non NHS services and Fees

Certain Services, including private sick certificates, insurance claim forms and private medical examinations (e.g. pre-employment, taxi driver, adoption, Insurance etc) are not covered by the NHS and are therefore chargeable.

If you are booking a medical please tell the receptionist when booking so that a longer appointment can be allocated. Some medicals will need to be carried out by a GP other than your own. A charge may apply for certain medicals which can only be booked privately, such as employment and insurance medicals as well as for other items such as certain travel vaccinations.

Please note all fees subject to a £20 DEPOSIT (non-refundable) in advance of the of the work being undertaken with the balance paid on completion of the work (cash or cheque only).

Please find Non NHS price list:

Certificates/ Letters & Insurance:

Fitness for sports (no examination) £30
Fitness for sports (examination) £60
Private fit to work (previously sick note) £20
Private insurance Certificate £35
School fees insurance claim £45
School/University fitness to attend (no examination) £25
School/University fitness to attend (examination) £40
To Whom It May Concern letter £20

Accident Report

Statement of fact £25
Report from records £49
Full medical and report £148


Holiday cancellation/Not fit/Fit to travel (simple) £25
Holiday cancellation/Not fit/Fit to travel (detailed) £50
Fitness to fly when pregnant letter £15
Medication / CD letter for travel £15
Private Prescription for Malaria tablets £15
Controlled drugs letter £20
Hep B (course of 3) £35 per vac
Yellow Fever Vaccine (YF) £65
Japanese Encephalitis (course of 2) £85 per vac
YF Certificate £15
Medical Exemption Letter (YF) £25
Rabies Vaccine (course of 3) £60 per vac


Fitness to Drive Certificate £50
Taxi/ HGV/ PSV Medical £85
Driving License Medical £85
DVLA Medical Report £45

Copies of Medical Records

Paper Copy Free of Charge
Copy on disk (optional) Price on application
Photocopying of duplicate Records – per sheet 50p

Power of attorney : all of the following can come under this

Power of attorney
Court of Protection (COP3)
Consultation and Report £150
If home visit is also required £180


Carers Permit £30
Coroner’s Report £67.50
Fitness to attend Gym £30
Fostering/ Adoption £100-148
Jury Exemption Certificate £100
Letter to support Absence from University £25
Lighterlife (diet programme) £40
Ofsted/Child Minders form £80
Shotgun Certificate £45
Taxi Vouchers for Council £5
Private ECG for Medical £75
Private Blood Test for Medical £15

Please note we DO NOT undertake the following work:


  • Disability Living Allowance work
  • Passport photo signing
  • Driving License photo signing
  • Citizenship Applications
  • Blue Badge

******* Anything that is not listed here is price on application *******