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Covid vaccination has commenced for our area at Portslade Health Centre. You will be contacted according to national priority guidance.  Please do not contact Portslade Health Centre for information or queries or requests for earlier vaccination.  Further information can be found at

Please see the coloured tiles below for information on what we offer at the surgery and other guidance.

Minor Operations

Minor Ops

We offer Minor Surgery for certain troublesome skin lesions such as sebaceous cysts.  We are not able to perform Minor Surgery for cosmetic reasons but if you have a benign skin lesion which is causing discomfort for example it may be suitable for our Minor surgery clinic (please note there are also some areas of the body including face, hands and feet which we are not able to treat). If you wish to be considered for this it is necessary to discuss this with one of the GPs first – an ideal way to start this would be via an e-consult