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Information about the COVID-19 Booster Vaccination

If you are enquiring about a COVID Vaccination Passport, please do not ring the surgery. Please click here for more information

If you are eligible and you have not yet had your 1st COVID Vaccine you can call 03003038060 to book, please DO NOT call Trinity Medical Centre as the booking is out of our control. Further information can be found at

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Current Trainees

All our trainees are supervised by one of our GPs with every session they work. Please do see them, they will be able to help you, and seek further advice and support from their clinical supervisor as may be needed. This is the best way they can learn, and we are committed to helping the development of excellent GPs of the future.


Speciality Trainee Year 3 (ST3)

No ST3 students at present

Speciality Trainee Year 2 (ST2)

Thomas Stewart: I am an ST2, I graduated from the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry in 2011. Between 2011-16 I worked in a variety of medical roles across the UK and Australia. I gained a masters of public health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine in 2017 and have experience overseeing vector borne disease control and prevention programming in Kenya, Liberia, Turkey, Iraq and Syria. I started GP training in August 2020 and am currently completing a training post at Trinity Medical Centre.

Speciality Trainee Year 1 (ST1)

Hamza Abudarwish: I am an ST1, and my work has covered different medical and surgical specialities including ENT, stroke – rehab, acute medicine and respiratory medicine.

I graduated from Cairo University in 2017, then worked as an Intern (foundation doctor year 1) in Jordan Ministry of health 4/2017 till 04/2018. Primary care doctor as a non –training job for 1 year in Jordan. I then moved on to Manchester University Hospital as a junior clinical fellow in internal medicine. After I moved on to Coventry hospital where I did a foundation doctor year 2.

Caroline Romanowski: I am an ST1 and qualified as a doctor from Poznan University of Medical Sciences in Poland 2017 and I am in my first year of GP training (GPST1) at Trinity Medical Centre.
Prior to joining the team, I spent two years as a doctor in the North East of England where I gained experience in cardiology, endocrinology, geriatrics, acute medicine and general surgery, as well as an additional year of training in Critical Care/ITU and Emergency Medicine.
While not working with patients, Caroline can often be found hiking across the English countryside or braving a swim in the sea – passions I developed while growing up in my native home of Canada.

Foundation Year 2 (FY2)

No foundation year 2 students at present.

Current 5th Year medical student

Dr Beecham is our 5th year medical student Supervisor

First Year Medical Students

We also host first year medical student from Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS), they are here in pairs on alternate weeks for one session only. Dr Maria Nagy and Dr Jo Ratcliffe are our 1st year medical student supervisors.