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ANP (Advanced Nurse Practitioner) & Nurse Practitioner (NP)

Advanced Nurse Practitioners are specialised nurses who have a lot of experience working in primary care (with GPs) and who have undergone higher professional training to become practitioners. In practical terms this means they have had extensive university-led training in a range of subjects including physical examination, managing illnesses and injuries and pharmacology and prescribing. All our nurse practitioners are nurse prescribers and are very comfortable managing a wide range of acute (i.e. recent onset) problems. They are independent and used to investigating, diagnosing and treating a wide range of common General Practice illnesses and injuries. We use nurse practitioners extensively in our clinics so that our doctors have more time to deal with more complex, chronic (i.e. longstanding) problems.

We use ANPs to increase access & healthcare options to our patients. Our reception team will ask you questions as to what your symptoms are to ensure they put you with the right clinician and often seeing an ANP will be the most appropriate and best option.

  • Our ANPs are excellent but they are not trained in some areas that GPs specialise in – such as serious mental illness, chronic or complex pain, complications of pregnancy and long term, incurable conditions.
  • Our ANPs all bring their own previous training, expertise and special areas of interest to their work. They also run some follow-up clinics for problems that don’t resolve after the first visit.

Our Team 

Julie Lord

  • Julie has 15 years emergency department experience (St Thomas Hospital, London)   and 14 years’ experience as a Practice Nurse in Brighton.  Julie has been an Advanced Nurse Practitioner since completing a post graduate (master’s level) diploma in 2018.  Julie has an interest in respiratory conditions and menopause management

Cathy Carr


Thomas Buckley

  • Thomas has recently joined our team in August 2023 as a Nurse Practitioner, having over 12 years’ experience working in both primary, secondary and private care settings. Specialising in elderly care and diabetesThomas uses that experience to support our care home residents and can manage and see complex diabetic patients. 

    By focusing on patient centred care, Thomas takes a holistic approach to his work, to ensure patients can stay happier and healthier for longer. Thomas continues to complete his Masters qualification and practices all four pillars of Advanced Nursing Practice. 

    Over the years, Thomas strengths at NHS has garnered some recognition for major accomplishments, in quality improvement measures, and recognition for his under graduate visiting lecturer statusThomas may spend their days at Trinity Medical Centre, but it is the expertise of the team and opportunity to make a positive impact that gets them up in the morning. 

    When they’re not at Trinity Medical Centre, Thomas is an avid gym advocate and loves spending time with his cocker spaniel, Dillon.