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Information about the COVID-19 Booster Vaccination

If you are enquiring about a COVID Vaccination Passport, please do not ring the surgery. Please click here for more information

If you are eligible and you have not yet had your 1st COVID Vaccine you can call 03003038060 to book, please DO NOT call Trinity Medical Centre as the booking is out of our control. Further information can be found at

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Trinity Medical Centre Hot Hub

As you are aware COVID 19 (coronavirus) has affected the way we conduct care in General Practice. Our main priority throughout this pandemic is to keep both you our patients and our staff as safe as possible. The best and safest way to achieve this is by separating patients with potential COVID 19 from patients who we do not suspect of having symptoms.

Many of our patients attending the practice will be vulnerable to the transmission of COVID and will have a higher risk of complications from the disease. Therefore, to protect everyone our site has now been split into two. The first site is within our building providing our normal provision of primary care albeit with extra precautions in place, such as the use of Personal Protective Equipment and extra hand washing facilities. This site will be exclusively for patients without infectious symptoms sometimes referred to as ‘a cold site’. The second site will be for our patients with symptoms of COVID 19 sometime referred to as a ‘hot site’. A hot site is a safe area where our patients we suspect of having possible COVID 19 can be assessed, without affecting other Primary Care Provision or the safety of our patients and our staff.

Previously there was a city-wide provision for reviewing patients with suspected COVID 19 at the Withdean Stadium. This site is now closed. Therefore, to continue to review our patients in a timely and safe manner Trinity Medical Centre will manage our patients using our own hot site based externally in our grounds.

Some key principles to share with you at this stage are:

  • ​​We know COVID 19 spreads much more easily indoors therefore to keep everyone using our facilities safe symptomatic patients will not enter the main building. This is the policy that has remained unchanged from our current operation.
  • ​For the majority of patients, COVID 19 will only  be a mild illness, presenting with symptoms similar to a ‘common cold’. These patients with only mild symptoms will not need input from a doctor.
  • For other patients COVID 19 is a more serious disease it is important to be able to assess these patients in a timely and safe manner.
  • ​As of August 2020 the number of patients with COVID 19 is low in Sussex.

Attendance at the hot site will be by appointment only after clinical triage by our doctors. Patients will need access to a vehicle as it will be a drive-in assessment facility. The main gates will be locked and we will steward entry. Patients who are unable to access a vehicle to attend the hot site will be managed remotely under separate provisions.

We are not able to offer up our staff disabled spaces to patients during this time. There are disabled bays in all roads adjacent to the surgery.