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Information about the COVID-19 Booster Vaccination

If you are enquiring about a COVID Vaccination Passport, please do not ring the surgery. Please click here for more information

If you are eligible and you have not yet had your 1st COVID Vaccine you can call 03003038060 to book, please DO NOT call Trinity Medical Centre as the booking is out of our control. Further information can be found at

Please see the coloured tiles below for information on what we offer at the surgery and other guidance.

COVID-19 Vaccination

Missing or incorrect COVID-19 Vaccination data:

A new service has now been set up to help people in England who received their vaccinations in this country with missing or incorrect vaccination data. If you believe you have missing or incorrect COVID-19 vaccination data, please call 119 and ask the call agent to make a referral to the VDRS team on your behalf. The VDRS team will then call the person back within 5 working days.

A new website designed to help the public answer questions about the Covid-19 vaccine launched this week. Covid Vax Facts details answers from expert, independent doctors and scientists about the most common concerns raised by the public.

You can read the answers to key questions currently in the news or pose your own questions for a response.

The site has been developed by the Universities of Nottingham, Southampton,  Kings College London, and NIHR ARC Wessex, and led by Professor Kavita Vedhara from the School of Medicine at Nottingham

If you have any concerns about the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine and blood clotting – please click here > COVID-19 Vaccination and blood clotting

Easy Read information leaflet: 

In groups 1-9 and not had your jab yet? Book now.

Lines to take – AZ 180321 final – Information regarding the Astrazeneca vaccine.

Lines to take – April vaccination supply 180321

Please read all the information below it includes information of what to expect from your COVID vaccination appointment and has useful links that contain all information you need:

COVID vaccination has commenced for our area at Portslade Health Centre. You will be contacted according to national priority guidance.  Please do not contact Portslade Health Centre or Trinity Medical Centre for information or queries relating to the vaccine or requests for earlier vaccination. 

Update on the COVID-19 vaccination programme: national vaccination letters

We are aware that some of our patients are starting to receive letters from the national vaccination booking system. The letters is labelled only from the NHS and invites you to book your vaccination appointment. Please don’t worry, our service is not affected. These letters are offering the opportunity to book an appointment at one of the larger vaccination centres, such as the Brighton Centre or a local pharmacy. You cannot book at our vaccination service through this system.

Our vaccination service at Portslade Health Centre is working alongside these other services. You have a choice where you receive your vaccination – at our service, at a larger vaccination centre like the Brighton Centre or at a local pharmacy service. Our team will contact you directly to arrange an appointment at our vaccination service. Appointments for the larger vaccination centres and pharmacies are available through the national booking system set out in the letter – either online or by phone.

You can either follow the details in the letter to book at one of those services, or we will be contacting you shortly to arrange an appointment in our local service.

We thank you for your support. Below are a few videos that may be helpful to you:

Further information can be found at the link below:

COVID 19 Vaccination Fact Checker:

Translated COVID 19 Resources:

We have received a number of enquiries this week about access to language support at vaccination centres and services. If you do not speak English as your first language, interpreting support is available at all of our vaccination sites and can be easily arranged to support you during your appointment. Face to face interpreting is available and can be requested from local organisations including Vandu and Sussex Interpreting Services.

They can be contacted using the details below:

Telephone interpreting is also available on site at all services. If you are d/Deaf, face to face British Sign Language (BSL) interpreting is also available by self-referral from Action Deafness and a video relay service using Signlive is available at all GP led local vaccination services, pharmacy led services and the vaccination centres.

COVID 19 Vaccination information in 5 South Asian Languages:

FAQ’s on COVID 19 Vaccination

What to expect at your COVID Vaccination appointment?

• You will be asked to attend the same site to receive both vaccinations.

• You will be given two doses of the same vaccination (i.e., 2x Pfizer or 2x Oxford or 2x Moderna). You cannot ask to choose one type of vaccine over another. They are all effective.

• You will be screened for potential allergic reactions before getting vaccinated. All vaccinators will have the training they need to deal with any rare cases of adverse reactions, and all venues will be equipped to care for people who need it.

• After you have received the vaccine you will be given a card or paper indicating the date of your vaccination, type of vaccine and batch.

• Your GP will automatically be informed that you have been vaccinated