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Please see the coloured tiles below for information on what we offer at the surgery and other guidance.

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Whilst we are still in the grips of the corona virus pandemic, we will continue to have contact with our patients through both e consults and telephone appointments.

We would encourage all enquiries and communication to come via e consult but know there will be some who may not be able to use the internet. For those patients we will still be able to help when you call the surgery.


Before you pick up the phone or take time out to come to the practice, please consider the use of e-consult. This is available to you 24/7 and can be used for most enquiries you may have, prescription queries, medical advice, requests for fit notes and if required access to your GP for telephone or face to face appointments.

Simply click on the e consult link and complete the simple questionnaire. This will then be sent to the practice e consult web address and will be processed and passed to the most appropriate member of the team.

You will be contacted before the end of the next working day. If the GP wants to see you or talk to you further about your medical condition they will contact you with an appointment time.


Our telephone lines are open 8.30- 6.30. Monday- Friday.

In order for our receptionists to provide you the best and most suitable appointment, they will ask you a number of questions. They are trained to ask you appropriate questions helping to ensure you are provided with the most appropriate advice and help.

A member of staff will take your details and pass these onto a clinician who will arrange to telephone you.  During the call the doctor will assess the clinical situation and whether you will indeed need to be seen. If so, they will arrange for you to come to the surgery and also undertake a risk assessment.  If it is felt that the matter can be effectively dealt with on the telephone, then this will be done during the call back from a doctor.  If the calling clinician feels that it is necessary and safe for you to do so they will arrange an appointment where you can be seen in person.

We would like to remind and urge our patients to not visit the practice in person unless requested to do so.

As you may expect, our telephones are incredibly busy and we are experiencing unprecedented pressures due to staff shortages.  We would kindly request and remind our patients that please in the first instance follow the guidance we have provided on our website and within this alert and those on the NHS websites.

Do try self-help where possible.

Do use our e-consultation service where possible.

We thank you for your assistance, support, consideration and understanding during these difficult times.


To enable us to give the best possible care to those with significant complex need, please have a read of this helpful leaflet: HELP MY GP

We ask you to consider the following and respect the appointments we are providing.

We lose approximately 250 appointments a month by patients not attending the appointments they have booked. Please can you contact us, as soon as you know you will not be able to attend the appointment. It will then free up an appointment for someone else who needs it.

Many conditions can also be dealt with without seeing a doctor or needing an appointment.


Your local pharmacist can provide advice as well as treatments for minor ailments. These include:

·  Mild acne

·  Coughs/colds

·  Sore throats

·  Flu

·  Cystitis

·  Medication reviews

·  Rashes

·  Mild eczema/dermatitis

·  Earache

·  Emergency contraception

·  Diarrhoea

·  Eye symptoms

·  Hay fever

·  Haemorrhoids

·  Scabies

·  Worms

·  Warts & verrucas

And many more


Did you know that £2 billion per year of NHS money is spent with people coming to their surgery with minor ailments and 18% of GP consultations are for minor ailments that do not need to be seen by the GP?

There is a lot more self help and advice at NHS Choices

We have a variety of helpful self Care information and links which could help you to treat your illness without the need for an appointment:

·  Self Care Fact Sheets

·  NHS Symptom Checker

Use the online NHS Choices Symptom Checker tool to check your symptoms and get advice on what to do next. It’s faster than phoning and a nurse can call you back for free if required. Click on the name above to be taken directly to the symptom checker.

·  NHS Live Well Advice, tips and tools to help you make the best choices about your health and well being.


·  Did you know there are now many services you can refer yourself to without seeing the GP?

·  The table below lists some of the key services that may be able to help you, and can be accessed via the CCG website

o   Mental Health Services

o   Maternity Services

o   Sexual Health

o   Pavilions (Drug and Alcohol Services)

o   Healthy Lifestyle Team

o   Healthy Visiting Team

o   It’s Local Actually; Local Free and Low Cost Activities Programmes designed to make you and your family make small changes Which Make a Big Difference and help keep you healthy.

PHYSIOTHERAPY. You can also now refer yourself directly to physiotherapy. Please look at this website with several useful resources physiotherapy exercise sheets as well as how to refer yourself for treatment




If you are taking the opportunity to self-refer to one of these services, but you would still prefer to continue to request an appointment with a GP or nurse, our receptionists will be able to accommodate this as normal.

Why does the receptionist need to know what wrong with me?