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In response to feedback, and with the merger of Hove Park Villas at the end of 2018, we have worked hard to develop a new appointment system that we hope will work well for all our patients. Below lists the ways that our patients can book in to see our clinicians.


  • Patient partner (automated service on the telephone) – All you need to use this new technology is a touch tone telephone, up to date contact telephone number on our system and your date of birth. When you telephone the surgery, select the option for the automated booking service and follow the simple instructions. You can cancel, check and book appointments 24 hours a day with this service.
  • Patient Access (online – We encourage patients to register for the online services as we feel that this is (as well as patient partner) the easiest way to manage your appointments. This is also a service that is available 24 hours a day. To register for this you will need to complete a registration form (available at reception) and to present with photo ID so that we can confirm your identity. Once registered for this service you can pre book, book on the day, cancel or check appointments as well as ordering any repeat medication that you may have.  Click the link to register once you have been given your log in details.
  • Telephone – Our phone lines open at 8.30 am – 18.30 pm Monday – Friday
  • Face to face – people can come to the practice to book an appointment with one of our receptionists (we do advise patients not to come down and wait in line first thing in the morning as this  does not make it easier or faster to get an appointment on the day)

Please ask a member of the reception team for more information on patient access and patient partner

Despite the well documented pressures within the NHS and General Practice, we remain committed to providing you with the best possible service in order to focus care on those with complex medical needs, whilst still being able to provide an unified same day service that can provide care for those with new and acute problems.



We will be providing a constant level of on the day appointments every day. These will be for patients who need to be seen with new problems. These appointments will be provided by our “On the Day Team”, which will include GPs, as well as our excellent Advanced Nurse Practitioners.

Advanced Nurse Practitioners

·  ANPs are highly experienced and skilled nurses.

·  They have specialist experience and have been trained to evaluate patients, diagnose illness, and prescribe medication to patients.

·  They can diagnose and manage most common and many chronic illnesses.

·  They are trained to perform physical examinations, order and interpret diagnostic tests, provide counselling and education, and write prescriptions.

·  ANPs are NOT part of our Practice Nurse Team and must not be used for routine Practice Nurse Appointments



We are committed to ensuring patients with complex continuing medical needs achieve as much continuity of care with their usual GP as we can. Pre-bookable appointments will be available to book up to two weeks in advance. Please ask to see the doctor who has been dealing with the problem that you need seeing about.


·  Our receptionists are integral to and an important part of your care.

·  In order for them to provide you the best and most suitable appointment, they will ask you a number of questions. They are trained to ask you the appropriate questions and they can then ensure you are provided with the most appropriate advice and appointment.

·  All training given to receptionists is approved by the practice and the GP Partners.

·  Tell the receptionist if you wish to speak confidentially away from the public area as this can easily be arranged.

· Please remember; 1 problem per appointment. More than 1 problem inevitably makes your appointment over-run and this will likely cause the appointments    following yours to run late.



·  Many problems can be dealt with by speaking to the GP on the telephone rather than having a face-to-face consultation.

·  This can also be more convenient for yourself, but we do ask you to stay by phone so the call is not missed. Our GPs will try your number twice, but will not be able to continue trying. It may show as a withheld number

· The receptionists will ask if you feel the matter can be dealt with by telephone or if you feel you need to be seen, and can make the appointment for you accordingly.



To enable us to give the best possible care to those with significant complex need, please have a read of this helpful leaflet: HELP MY GP

We ask you to consider the following and respect the appointments we are providing.

We lose approximately 250 appointments a month by patients not attending the appointments they have booked. Please can you contact us, as soon as you know you will not be able to attend the appointment. It will then free up an appointment for someone else who needs it.

Many conditions can also be dealt with without seeing a doctor or needing an appointment.



Your local pharmacist can provide advice as well as treatments for minor ailments. These include:

·  Mild acne

·  Coughs/colds

·  Sore throats

·  Flu

·  Cystitis

·  Medication reviews

·  Rashes

·  Mild eczema/dermatitis

·  Earache

·  Emergency contraception

·  Diarrhoea

·  Eye symptoms

·  Hay fever

·  Haemorrhoids

·  Scabies

·  Worms

·  Warts & verrucas

And many more



Did you know that £2 billion per year of NHS money is spent with people coming to their surgery with minor ailments and 18% of GP consultations are for minor ailments that do not need to be seen by the GP?

There is a lot more self help and advice at NHS Choices

We have a variety of helpful self Care information and links which could help you to treat your illness without the need for an appointment:

·  Self Care Fact Sheets

·  NHS Symptom Checker

Use the online NHS Choices Symptom Checker tool to check your symptoms and get advice on what to do next. It’s faster than phoning and a nurse can call you back for free if required. Click on the name above to be taken directly to the symptom checker.

·  NHS Live Well Advice, tips and tools to help you make the best choices about your health and well being.



·  Did you know there are now many services you can refer yourself to without seeing the GP?

·  The table below lists some of the key services that may be able to help you, and can be accessed via the CCG website

o   Mental Health Services

o   Maternity Services

o   Sexual Health

o   Pavilions (Drug and Alcohol Services)

o   Healthy Lifestyle Team

o   Healthy Visiting Team

o   It’s Local Actually; Local Free and Low Cost Activities Programmes designed to make you and your family make small changes Which Make a Big Difference and help keep you healthy.

PHYSIOTHERAPY. You can also now refer yourself directly to physiotherapy. Please look at this website with several useful resources physiotherapy exercise sheets as well as how to refer yourself for treatment




If you are taking the opportunity to self-refer to one of these services, but you would still prefer to continue to request an appointment with a GP or nurse, our receptionists will be able to accommodate this as normal.

Why does the receptionist need to know what wrong with me?